1. W2 (5MM)
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    5mm Backzip

    W2 is the new back-zip wetsuit from Waterproof. To release yet another stunning collection is Waterproofs way to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary as manufacturer of high-end exposure suits. After all the excitement created by the newly launched W1 front-zip suit, the W2 back-zip collection had to exceed our current line, so the task set for our designers was challenging.

    We asked them to create a new generation of Wetsuits that is warmer, dryer, with a better fit, outstanding quality, easy to done and doff, yet make it still look better than anything on the market, and then load it over the top with features.

    The result, W2 available in two versions, as a 5mm or 7mm steamer, surpass our expectations by far.

    Features include a stunning anatomical Gender Specific design, comfort front neck zipper, inner plush lining and an interesting moulded rubber kneepad featuring a “hinge” effect.

    This overall is normally used in combination with either a hooded ice vest, hooded under vest or a separate hood, thus catering for all the needs a diver may have.
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